I am Divine Mother. You are wise. You have all the answers within you. When there is a problem in your life the solution to that problem is within you. Sometimes you have to break up the problem because you surrounded it with fear or pain or it is making you feel unworthy, undeserving. Break those things. Keep flowing into what the problem is. “I can’t get this,” or “I need this.” Whatever it is, the relationship or the finances, flow into it with the question to me, “What now, Mother? What is the answer? What is the solution?”

Keep flowing into the heart. Don’t flow into the mind. You might unintentionally get the ego, which is the source of the fear, and it will just frighten you more. Flow into the heart. The heart will feed the answer to the intellect, but the heart can accept the solution, which is often a vibration — an expanding, light-filled vibration. Then the intellect can uncover the meaning of that vibration. But stay in the process of softening, expanding.

You are designed to be free, infinite, whole and wise. You are here on this planet to become wise, to learn from a planet that is compromised at this time, so that you can understand how to retrieve yourself and others from compromise. This is part of your path right now, to learn these things and apply them in order to free yourself.

You Have All the Answers Within You
Ascension Knowledge Meeting
November 20, 2022