Message for the Easter Season

I am Divine Mother. This mystery of the Resurrection is a consciousness that you are stepping into, a consciousness you are embracing. It operates under different natural laws — the laws of faith and trust, the laws of creating something out of nothing with your intention. You are learning to embrace more subtle laws of nature that can heal, that can break through the veils of limitation, of the “I can’t”, of “That’s not possible”. It is possible, when you know how to work with more subtle laws of nature. This is what I am teaching you.  

Notice the Resurrection energy around you. The Christ energy is very enlivening, empowering, as the whole world celebrates this magnificent experience. Thought to have been a death, it becomes a life — a Resurrection of Truth, a breaking through of what is called death, a shattering of the concept of death.

You are connecting to that vibration, to that energy. It is transforming you, lifting you, enlivening you with fresh, new life force — the Divine Life Force. 

This is the activation of the energy that all Divinity embraces, and you are that Divinity.  You are that majestic Divine power — the power of Love, the power of Truth. It is shattering the untruth as you arise into living in a physical body as a Divine Being, fully awakened, fully whole, and even more than whole — becoming radiant. This is a gift of this celebration of the Christ resurrection — the Christ Presence wide-awake on Mother Earth in millions of people.

You are engaged in the resurrection yourself, and of your planet.

I am Divine Mother. It is your eternal life that was demonstrated in the life of Jesus in a way that we could not forget ever again, affirming that you are Divine Beings living in a physical form, capable of great mastery.  

You are Divine Beings. Allow what is natural to take place. It’s natural to wake up to life. This resurrection that occurs is spiritual and physical. There’s a physical transformation as well. The Divine energy is activating in your cells, molecules, atoms, particles, shifting you. It’s accelerating and lifting your vibration.

You are beginning to learn about this Divine power in you, and how to make use of it for the greatest good, for the greatest numbers of people.

The power of the Christ has been growing ever since Jesus activated it. It has been growing, fueling, filling this planet with more Light and life. From the density and heaviness of death, the Resurrection is flowing out, annihilating what is perceived as death.

Message for the Easter Season

I am Divine Mother. I am teaching you to change your expectation of who you are, and what you can do and be. I am guiding you to move into the foundation of Love, which is the foundation upon which the whole universe is made. The subtle laws that activate Resurrection and Ascension are based in the foundation of Love. Love is the fundamental vibration of the Universe, of the subtle laws of nature. I am teaching you how to work with the Divine energy.  

You have free will. You can choose to work outside of the Divine Energy. Look around in the world and you will see what happens when people do not work with the Divine Energy, when they choose to work outside of it. The result is pain, fear, shame.

If you’re tired of working with those painful energies, come back to the heart. Come back to Love, and let me teach you about more than the Resurrection, although that’s included. Let me teach you about the joy of life in harmony with Divine Grace. These words may seem abstract and impractical, but when you live within them, they are not abstract and impractical at all. They are normal. Normal means joyful, filled with Light, Love, freedom.

This Resurrection energy is occurring now in this time of celebration of the Divine Life in tune with all of the Divine laws of Nature that Jesus Christ embodied. Even though they tried to kill him, he could not be killed. This is the Truth of Life. This is the Truth of you.  

As I speak of it, this Resurrection energy, this powerful vibration, this Divine Light with its ability to activate at the subtlest levels of particles, energy flow, level of atoms, is activating Life within you, healing you. We call it healing, but it’s bigger than that. It’s a way of life, a way to experience more of who you are, and to be in a physical body and have this happen on the material plane is a wonderful demonstration of the power of the consciousness of Mother/Father God, a consciousness which you embrace, which you are. Though you may have forgotten who you are because the Earth plane has so many material worries, cares, needs. But now I and many others are reminding you.

The Company of Heaven is everywhere – truly everywhere. We are in Nature. Life cannot exist without us. We are drawing your attention to us, so you can remember who you are.

This beautiful celebration of the Christ Resurrection in the form of Jesus so many years ago has never been forgotten because it was so startling, amazing, incredible, that it sent jolts around the world, jolts through civilization, to say, “Look! Ye are gods. You can do what He has done.

And more, as He, himself said.”

It’s time for this “more” to kick in. Mother Earth is desperate for it, as is the human race, though some parts of the human race don’t know it. I, Divine Mother, and you, we are here to deliver it, to deliver this new consciousness, this new experience, this Resurrection.

Let’s keep unfolding more and more clarity. You are Divine Beings. You are gods, living in physical form. What could be more clear?

It’s said over and over again, in the scriptures: you are made in the image of God; you are One with God. It may be hard to accept experientially, but reference that. Reference that in the space between your thoughts — the Silence between your breaths.

Celebrate this Resurrection, and then Ascension.

I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Infinite Truth.

There are many relative truths; there is one Infinite Truth. Jesus said it when He said, “I and my Father are One.” He’s not the only one. You and your Father/Mother God — you and your God — are One. That makes you Divine. Now, you are rising up into it. 

I love you. I love you. I love you.

It is time for me to end for today. I have delivered this message that is so important on this day before the celebration of the Christ Resurrection, the beauty, power and wonder of it all. Engage in that joy.

I am with you. I love you. Divine Love is pouring into you, changing you, and changing the human race.

Know that you are deeply loved, that Love is your nature. I love you.

Celebrate Your Resurrection
From: April 3, 2021