I am Divine Mother. You are masters of energy, and you are creating with energy every day, every moment. Your thoughts are vibrations. You can also protect yourself from other people’s negative energies by closing your aura and surrounding yourself with Light. Essentially, you are telling the energy around your body to create a vibration composed of Light, Love, Truth and Grace that is impenetrable by the negative energies and entities in the environment. And then you can live in that beautiful field, increasing it, strengthening it every day, reminding it to stay strong — just with your intention and words.

That is why we speak the Divine Tools that I have given you. You can also think them because thoughts are vibrations. Thoughts do what you tell them to do.

You are in charge of your life. Don’t let other people’s vibrations, thoughts, statements control you. Pour in more Divine Light and more Divine Love.

Of course there are a lot of vibrations that have been established here that need to be broken — negative vibrations, like the greed vibration. So we say, “Break, break, break, break” to the greed vibration that causes people to do monstrous things to accumulate what they deem valuable. Break that greed vibration. Say, “Break, break, burst, shatter.”

Love is the currency of Heaven. Increase the Divine Love in your life. Using the Self-love Tool is a very powerful Tool that changes you. It changes you because you are saying to yourself, “I love you.” And that powerful energy of love cuts through all those past energies of pain, rejection, of negative self-talk and negative talk from others.

You are Divine Beings. You have access to the subtlest level of creation, where the unbounded Infinite Wholeness is just manifesting into form. And you can create from that level. Then your creation builds and builds, until it becomes
something very tangible in your life. Give gratitude for what you are creating. Offer your gratitude. Gratitude is a powerful manifestation tool. Keep the thoughts of being undeserving out of it.

You deserve to receive the highest good in your life. You deserve this Grace. So as you receive, give gratitude, but not from a sense of, “I do not deserve. I am unimportant.” You are important. So give the gratitude with joy, “Thank you God! Thank you Divine Mother!” Leap for joy!

We love to see you overflowing with joy. We rejoice with you in your gratitude and joy. It is our great pleasure to serve you and bring you joy. The joy that we know, we want to share it with you. Trust, you deserve it. Don’t let that little ego mind start counting the numerous judgments you have made about yourself. Break the habit of judging yourself. Be yourself. Be that Infinite Self, the True

I am Divine Mother. I love you.

You Are Creating With Energy Every Moment
From: Ascension Knowledge Meeting
March 26, 2023