I am Divine Mother. You are a Divine Being living in a physical form, and the Divinity is activating its grand power and presence in your vibrational field as the Ascending Light spirals upward, cleansing, healing, awakening.

You are Divine Beings. You are One with All-That-Is. We are cleansing the compromises in the form of unworthiness, un-deservingness. We are releasing those qualities from your system, releasing self-doubt or the tendency to hide the Truth of who you are, your Divine Truth. We are breaking through the hiding. Allow the process, the cleansing that is taking place on all levels in your physical and vibrational fields, multidimensionally.

There are places in your vibrational field and physical systems that are not fully accepting your Wholeness. So any locked doors of fear, pain, unworthiness, we are breaking open so you can fully embrace the Divine Truth that you are Infinite and Whole. We are opening all the hidden closets, forgotten places in your entire multidimensional energy system, waking it up as you receive the Truth of who you are.

We are waking up the subtle senses, freeing you to perceive all layers and levels of this multidimensional creation as you wake up your sensitivities, sensibilities, perceptions, subtle antennas and receptors of knowledge and information.

The spinning spirals of Ascending Light will continue to lift you, heal you, cleanse you, free you. Thank you and so it is.

Divinity Is Activating In Your Energy Field
Ascension Knowledge Meeting
January 22, 2023