I am Divine Mother. You are Divine Beings living in a physical form. I am asking you to let go of blame. There is no one to blame. When you blame, you attach yourself to the person you are blaming. Let go of blame. Detach from the blame.

You have been guiding your own ship through this universe. Don’t blame anyone else for misfortunes or for boons, advantages. You have made your choices. Accept them and move forward. Accept means let go. What has been is gone. Let it go. Don’t blame anyone.

You are a free agent in this universe. If you think you are tied up and limited, constricted, it is your own doing. Take responsibility, and you’ll find the way to freedom. Take responsibility and you are free.

Don’t blame God. Work with God. God is a great resource for you – until you realize that you are God. And then God is an even bigger resource.

Now inwardly say, “I give my ego-mind permission to let go.” When you let the ego-mind go, all that is left is God.

It’s a very healing statement. It will cause your body to heal all of the pain that has been created by believing in unworthiness. That statement unravels multidimensional pain, fear, separation, limited belief systems, because it is forcing you to confront the Truth. So it will vibrationally and physically untangle the lies that you have believed in.

Be mindful of the lies that you tell yourself so that you can squash them. Squash the infestation of lies in your life. Then rinse them away in the Infinite Ocean, and Pure Spirit will stay cleansed without any shadows hiding it.

I love you. Allow the freedom.

I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of Divine Truth. Remember what I’ve said. Don’t forget it when you go into your more active life. Use it. Work with it. Anytime you feel uncomfortable, upset, or angry, something is off. You’ve stepped out of alignment with me. The faster you can come back into alignment, the better for you and for the world. Just soften. Re-center.

Don’t hold the discomfort or the annoyance or the self-criticism or whatever it is – some ego-mind concoction. Let it melt in the softening. Let it melt into the Wholeness. Trust. I love you.

My lessons to you now are not just a once-a-day or three-days-a-week practice. Let the practice be ongoing, every day, every moment. And catch yourself when you have slipped out of the practice into the ego-mind that separates you from me, separates you from Love. I love you.

Take Responsibility For Your Life
From: Great Awakenings
February 3, 2023