I am Divine Mother. You are learning the subtle laws at the most refined level of creation so that you can fulfill your life’s purpose and bless everything and everyone. You are lifting the vibration of this planet, which is a small thing to lift, lifting the vibration of the solar system – a little bit bigger, and lifting the whole galaxy. This is done with vibration, energy – the energy of Divine Light, Divine Love, the energy of Divine Truth. I am opening you to this energy. Trust, trust, trust.

Healing is what it’s all about on Mother Earth at this time, dissolving the pain and activating the Love. You are working with the most powerful healing vibrations in the creation. Don’t underestimate them. Encourage them.

There’s more for your consciousness to break through at the level of Pure Spirit. Aligning a physical system that has been misaligned and misused is a challenge that we are embracing because it can be done. And you can exhibit a Divine body of Wholeness in physical form, in a material field. It’s all possible.

So don’t ever doubt that you are participating in a grand experience — of completely transmuting a damaged physical form (damaged by fear, pain, unworthiness). You are experiencing the transmuting of that form into a majestic life form with all of the qualities and capabilities of what you would name gods and goddesses. It’s fun. It’s demonstrating the depth and ingenuity of the Divine Intelligence of this universe.

Thank you for participating. Thank you for choosing to reach for the highest, to demonstrate that the highest can be attained.

I love you. You are beautiful. You are Divine activists. You are the activists on this planet. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

You Are Transmuting Into a Majestic Life Form
From: Feast of Light
February 7, 2023