I am Divine Mother. You are creative beings. This is your nature. The Creator is creative. The Creator likes to create through you, as you.

You are creators creating with love. Love is the ultimate creator. Allow the Divine Love, the Love aligned with Divine Truth, the Truth that knows that you are Whole and worthy. Create from that and honor those who come around you to assist your creative expressions. Honor them.

You are here to honor. You are here to encourage others to honor themselves. You are here to break the pain that creates the fear. And you are here to dissolve the fear by applying Love, appreciation, respect, and encouragement to others.

Trust. You can learn how to create by softening and working with the subtle laws of the universe. Let us work together. The subtle laws of the universe, the subtle Laws of Nature, we are all here on every level, ready to work with you. Stop disappointing us. Stay on track with us. Trust.

When you realize you are off-track and the pain and fear and self-doubt start coming in, shift your attention to your Wholeness and let that Wholeness flow. It will teach you. It will guide you.

Let go again and again to receive the inner guidance from the deep knowing place within you.

Now notice how much silence we are giving you the experience of today. This is to give the dissonance a chance to melt in the power of Truth. Untruth cannot stand in the power and presence of Truth.

The Creator Creates Through You
From: Feast of Light
February 7, 2023