I am Divine Mother. We are releasing old pain that has been stored in your system – the pain of shame, unworthiness, belief in separation. We say to these issues, “Let go.” We are breaking the rigidity of them, in their attempts to hang on, to control, to manipulate your life. We are breaking the pain, the shame, the fear, the belief in separation.

Say to these issues, “I give you permission to let go.” They are there because you hold them to you; you hold them in place through old programming, through old knee-jerk reactions, through old belief systems, through pain and fear. So say to these energies, “I give you permission to go into the light.” And now say, “I give myself permission to heal my past.”

Keep softening as you expand and melt away these tightly gripping issues caught in the net of unworthiness. Allow the worthiness to flow in.

You might ask, “What is worthiness?” Never having experienced it, you might ask, “What is worthiness?”

Worthiness is the experience of knowing you are One with all life. Worthiness is accepting this Truth through every vibration of your multidimensional existence. Worthiness is never doubting your value.

Allow it. Don’t let the mind, intellect, and ego manage it. This is about freedom, liberation – liberation from the mind, intellect, and ego’s rules.

You’re stepping outside the boundaries of the rules, and allowing Truth to be your only rule. When I say Truth, I do not mean what you can think of with your mind, intellect, or ego. I mean what you know without a doubt within your depths of peace, the sublime peace of knowing you are worthy. It has nothing to do with outer circumstances.

Your vibrational field is being aligned with this fearless place – fearless because it knows its value.

What Is Worthiness?
From: Feast of Light
February 7, 2023