I am Divine Mother. Releasing the pain from your systems is occurring as you soften. Softening is a very subtle practice. It becomes an opening for more Life.

As you soften, you are transforming the subtle atoms, allowing something new to be created by working at the atomic level.

You are opening into billions and trillions of atoms. As we soften into the atomic level, the intention of Pure Consciousness frees congested, pain-filled memories of past fear, shame, separation. Keep softening at the atomic level to re-form your entire vibrational energy field, to dissolve illness that comes from deep fear causing deep pain, which destabilizes the system multidimensionally.

Keep softening, allowing the openings to subtler and subtler levels of your existence, as particles of light change their patterns of flow from a fear-flow and a pain-flow to a love-flow.

You are gaining access to these most subtle movements of vibration so that the pain and the shame, the fear and terror that you have experienced in the past can be dissolved, transformed, shifted into your Divine Blueprint, aligned with your Divine Purpose for manifestation.

This is what the focus of attention from the atomic and subatomic levels within you can bring forth to place you in the awakened state multidimensionally.

I am teaching you to work with the particles of light that compose the atoms, that compose your vibrational field, that builds your physical form. So let’s get healthy, really healthy.

The other levels of your system are clear, so now let’s work with Pure Spirit, what is often called Presence, Pure Being, Self, and a variety of the other names. You can work with it.

Your vibrational fields are becoming more and more refined, more attuned to subtle vibration, which is made up of light particles flowing. Even in the atoms, the particles are flowing. You have seen the pictures of them orbiting around and around. Intention and attention can change their orbit, their flow.

Love is the primary cause of the manifest creation. Your power is greatest when you create from a position of love. The quality of love I am speaking of is far beyond the romantic love that most humans identify as love. I am speaking about the love that gives you the experiences of awe and wonder.

So I am prepping you as potential creators. Or I should say, potential Divine creators, because you are already creating – often unintentionally and mistakenly through the sloppy use of your intention and attention. But you are learning. And much of the work on this planet is about un-creating sloppy creations that have created problems for you and others.

I am so thrilled to guide you into the process of elegant creation. As you become more and more comfortable with your attention on the subtlest level of existence, and completely immersed in the Source, this great artistry of your skill to create advances, and you gift the human race (which has been lost and confused), you gift the human race the internal practices that free humanity from pain.

So remember this when you experience pain – that you have the internal compass to follow, and do your best to follow it. It is there. It is vibrating within reach. I am teaching you how to hold it in your hand.

I love you. Keep coming here and listening to these teachings. You are beginning to listen with your vibration, your breath, and your heartbeat. This is how to gain mastery.

I am here. You are loved. Now we will go into activity, grounding this knowledge on the earth plane through your daily lives, through your trust. I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Infinite Truth.

Turn Sloppy Creating Into Elegant Creating
From: Feast of Light
January 31, 2023