I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of Love. I come in the name of Truth. I love you. I love you. I love you.

You are Divine Beings living in a physical form. Come to me. We are opening our hearts together. We are dissolving the blockages that prevent you from fully experiencing your Divine Self, which is the same as my Divine Self.

We are healing the third eye, removing the blocks so that you can fully see who you are and wake up to the Truth of all life. The truth of life needs to be established here on Mother Earth. The pain, the fear, and the lies have hidden the Truth.

Soften in your third eye. Soften in your heart. Your heart and third eye are very intimately connected. When they are operating together, you perceive Love everywhere. When you perceive Love everywhere, Love starts to come forth in everything. And the power of Love transforms what is perceived by the limited sight as pain. The Love starts to flow, dissolving the pain with the overwhelming experience of Love.

This is how Love dissolves pain. When you can actually perceive it with your senses, it wakes up and starts to flow, starts to reveal itself through all your senses, and it dissolves the pain and suffering.

So I am encouraging you, I am working day and night to assist you in awakening the full capacity of the five senses, the heart, the knowing, so that you can actually perceive the Love. And then the Love starts to annihilate the suffering.

The Love flows like golden lava creating a good, a beautiful, a creative awakening. So I am spending my time dissolving the blocks in your system, in all these chakra centers, and in your auric field, and everywhere that your perception has been blocked, so that you can wake up Love, so that you see, touch, taste, smell, and know on all levels its presence in everything.

And when Love is perceived, it activates. It behaves as Love behaves on the surface of life and it dissolves this experience of fear, pain, and suffering for humanity.

You are Divine Beings living in a physical form. You can exist as a Divine Being living in this physical material field of Earth and you can activate the power that annihilates the suffering. This is why I dedicate every second of my existence to this end – to your… it’s been called awakening, the awakening of all levels of your system, including the perceptions, that have been lying dormant for centuries. They’ve always been there, but they’ve been frozen. Or maybe not completely frozen, because Love has always kept humanity creeping forward.

But now it’s time to run. It’s time to change the way this world is experienced. And you can do that.

It’s not only being peaceful and opening into the Infinite Source, though that is the key that opens the door, because as you sit in that Infinite Source, as we are doing here, your body and etheric field change, and the subtle senses start to wake up; the heart starts to let go of deep pain and the sense that you are unworthy.

As all these changes take place in you, the senses become refined until they are capable of actually perceiving Divine Love. And when Love knows that it’s being noticed, it begins to show you more of itself.

Love is so much more than a romantic notion, or a temporary thrill. Love is the power of the universe. It is the only power that sustains, creates, and maintains your existence. When Love is minimized, not known fully for its grandeur and capacity to create and transform, life falls into pain and suffering, war and crime, lust and fear.

So I am here with you and we together have the antidote for healing this condition, for awakening the glory and Grace of the human race.

Thank you for coming here. Thank you for letting me open your hearts and eyes and release the blockages to the perception of Love. Love can be seen, tasted, touched, known. It may seem fantastical to anyone who has lived in the present condition of the human race. It is fantastic and possible when all these blocks are removed from your system.

The Divine senses are waking up. It’s easy to see in nature. It’s easy to unify your heart with the beauty of nature. I recommend that you do it often. It’s easy to unify your heart with the beauty and innocence of children. And there are other ways, because life is structured for you to love Love.

Soften now in your face and in your throat. All these areas of your body are coming on board with Love, with Wholeness, and with Unity. Then the beauty of the physical experience of Love and beauty is received in this amazing physical container that you call the human body.

It’s beautiful. It’s True. This is how we are going to transform suffering. I know there is tremendous pain in this world, but it isn’t overwhelming to the Truth. It isn’t overwhelming when you dissolve the blocks in your system which manifest as pain.

So we say to the pain, “Go into the Light.”
We soften into it and break it.
We open the heart.
We activate the third eye.
We break through the conditioned thinking of an age of ignorance.
We use the Divine Mother Vibrational Tools.

And we trust. Trust is a manifestation power. Trust with all your heart that we will get through this, and you will create it. You are creating it.

Your Divine power is waking up to say “stop” to the ignorance, to say “no” to the pain. And your hearts are carrying you. As the heart and third eye awaken – the Love and the perception of life – a new time reveals itself on this Earth. It’s already here on the subtle; it’s just a matter of enough humans seeing it. That’s why I’m here.

Ye are gods. I am reminding you of this. You are breaking out of this old condition, expanding your Light, and we are sending it into the world.

There are other things that you can do, like sign petitions, or take part in demonstrations, etc. But that is on the surface, a result of this waking up that’s going on inside. It’s beautiful to dance with it in activity. Just remember the importance of that deep connection to unlock the perceptions that can activate the presence of Love and Truth.

I love you. Thank you. I am holding you in my heart. You are Divine Beings living in a physical form. I thank you for being here on this planet at this time.

Love Dissolves Suffering
From: Feast of Light
May 10, 2022