I am Divine Mother. You carry Divine Truth. You are Divine Beings. You are living in a physical form. You are living on a material planet that is in the middle of resurrection. So the negative energies, entities, negative programs that have been hanging around this planet have come into your energy field and need to be released – because they are compromising you. They are using your energy because it is so bright. So we tell them to go into the Light so they can develop their own brightness and you can be free to do the work you are here to do on this earth plane, lifting the consciousness of the human race.

This is why it is important to keep your aura closed, to protect you from these invasive energies. So we are closing your aura.

Then we have the Vibrational Tools as well to clear the ones that have hung on,
interrupted your process, your path. We send them into the Light. We break the structures they hold on to.

Now the structures that they hold on to are often created by you unknowingly when you have a negative, self-critical, or fear thought. Every thought is a vibration. And when you have a fear or negative self-concept that you think of again and again and again, at first it is just vibration. But when you think these thoughts over and over again, they strengthen, become more concrete, and build on each other in grids and structures. So when negative energies come in, they can hang on to the negative thought-structures that you have been building. That is why it is important to break these structures and send these energies and entities into the Light.

Negative thought-forms and negative self-concepts need to be sent into the Light. We say, “Break.” We break the concept, the mental configuration, and we say, “Go” to the intelligence of it.

We are breaking many, many layers. You are multidimensional. We are not just breaking the surface level or first few levels, we are breaking deeper and deeper and deeper, so that ultimately your entire huge energy field can be clear, can radiate the Divine Consciousness that you are, can radiate that beautiful brilliant image of God that you were born as. This is very important as we lift the vibration of this Mother Earth.

What You Say, You Create

What you say is powerful and significant because you are a Divine Being in a physical form. And because you are a Divine Being, what you say, you create. You are highly creative. You are a creator. But people do not learn this; children are not told this. So all these negative statements come out that create a negative impact on your life and physical system.

Don’t worry; I am here. I am Divine Mother, and I have all of these Vibrational Tools for you to use. I am empowering you in your Divinity, because you are so precious and important to me. It is important to me that you hold the Truth of who you are. And you have learned. I will say your sojourns into the land of ignorance, the earth plane, have taught you a tremendous amount. So nothing is wasted and the good you carry is remembering why you came here and who you are.

And having learned what you have learned, you have more power to discern where truth is intact and where truth has been corrupted, twisted, and misused. So you are increasing in knowledge and wisdom even as a result of coming to this earth plane and experiencing everything you have experienced, and experiencing firsthand what is of value and what is not, what is debilitating to
you, what is harmful, and breaking it, sending it into the Light so that it can’t harm others.

You are a Divine Being, and I am speaking to you as a Divine Being. You know things. Some of these things you have forgotten, but they are inside you within your heart. And as you clear (we keep clearing you and saying, “go,” dissolving the untruths, breaking through layer after layer of ignorance, “break, break, break”), you are remembering who you are, remembering Divine Skills
that you have. And I thank you for this. I love you. Let us continue.

Just by my giving you this information, your systems have shaken it off, shaken off the ignorance. This is the power of Truth. Truth purifies; truth heals.

Weekly wisdom 11/29 (whole section

Hold the Truth

Some people will get upset when you speak the Truth to them — angry, very resistant. This is because Truth is like a sword; it penetrates deep in and starts to stir up the untruth, which has become comfortable in the system. Then the person might try to argue with you. You don’t have to argue. Truth stands alone. Truth is its own power. And by speaking the Truth to someone, or out loud to an individual or group, it starts to work, purify, starts to break through. So stand in your truth. You don’t have to argue, just hold the truth.

That is what we are doing here. We are holding the Light, the Light of Truth, holding the Love. And every time you come here for a healing, or allow your own spiritual practice, Truth grows, Love increases, and the power permeates through the ethers to other people throughout this planet. Trust, every prayer you make, every loving gesture is significant. It adds to the building of the brilliant Light that is wanting to engulf this planet.

Soften in your heart. This softening exercise, going from one energy center to the next, is aligning the chakra system. In many people, the chakra centers are out of alignment, they are functioning but not as a unified whole. The softening not only clears and cleanses the chakras but it aligns them as you go through – heart, throat, third eye, crown, base, pelvic area, naval, solar plexus, heart. It allows this beautiful, powerful circular connection. And the energy then can flow to empower you, to align you, with the Divine Energy that is flowing everywhere in the universe, connecting you to this flow of Life Force.

You are healing. You are cleansing. You are lifting. You are releasing, releasing the blocks, fears, old issues that have gotten stuck somewhere. You are transforming. You are Ascending. This is what we are all about here, accelerating the Ascension Process.

Your Subtle Senses Are Waking Up

Your subtle senses are waking up. Your perceptions are becoming more subtle, more able to pick up refinement in the environment, in Nature. You are becoming more sensitive, but also more powerful, so the sensitivity is not debilitating. You are becoming more aligned with the Divine, so your sensitivity can thrive, and not be a liability like it is for some people. You are learning how to hold your vibrational field in a place of strength and orderliness. And the process of Ascension is ongoing.

I love you. You are becoming very connected to the vibration of Love, to the vibration of healing. And Love is the most powerful healing energy in the universe. It is healing you, and it is healing those to whom you give your attention. Thank you. Thank you. I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Infinite Truth.

Becoming Empowered In Your Divinity
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