I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Infinite Truth. You are healing many things. This earth plane is healing many things for the whole human population. You are a part of that population. Your healing, your transformation, your ascension opens doors for the whole human population to walk through into a new life, into a new way of living on this planet.

Trust, what you are doing here and what you are doing in your lives to attend to your spiritual awakening, is a huge gift, a gift to yourself of course, but a gift also to the human race, which has been struggling for millennia.

Your efforts here are not unknown to the universe. And though at times it may seem to you that it is tedious, don’t stop. Trust, there is nothing more valuable that you could do in your lifetime or any lifetime. The spiritual work you are doing here has profound ramifications for you and for the planet. Don’t stop; don’t doubt. I am here to comfort you, to support you, to love you.

Every time you soften, you dip into that Infinite Source, you touch it, and it is empowering you.

Inwardly say, “I give my ego-mind permission to let go.” Say again, “I give my ego-mind permission to let go.”

It is unfortunate that many people identify with the pain they have experienced and wear it as a badge of courage to prove how strong they are, how powerful they are, to prove what they have gone through, as if it could acknowledge your self-worth.

You don’t need anything to acknowledge your self-worth, your self-worth is a given. It is a truth that you hold and have held forever and have simply forgotten. So to use pain as a badge of self-worth is acknowledging that you don’t know the real Truth of who you are. You don’t need anything to prove your self-worth.

You are worthy. You have all overcome many things. You have walked through the fire many times. That is what you do; that is who you are. Remember who you are, and you don’t have to use pain as a proof that you are worthy. You are Divine Beings and always have been. You have temporarily, perhaps, forgotten. The Truth is that you are Divine Beings and you are completely worthy on every level. Inwardly say, “I give myself permission to let go of pain. I give my ego-mind permission to let go of pain.”

Your subtle perceptions are waking up to perceive the Divine in everything, the Truth in everything, in all the objects of perception. Let go. As you let go, you fall into the depths of that Infinite Self. The Divine You is pure and beautiful. It reminds you of the Truth of who you are so you don’t forget while you are moving around in the experience of activity, so that you don’t get carried away or owned by the events taking place in your world, so that you can sustain your stability in the silent, infinite depths, and manage the activities in your changing world with compassion, innovation, love.

Allow the Divine Wisdom to flow, blessing your planet and the people around you with your compassion, your love, and the Divine Wisdom that is welling up from deep within you.

Gifts are filling you. You are being given gifts. Use those gifts to bless the planet and your fellow humans. I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Infinite Truth.

You Are Worthy
From: Ascension Knowledge Meeting
August 28, 2022