I am the Divine Mother. You are Divine Beings living in a physical form. Allow the Divine Trust and soften in the heart, trusting, trusting.

I am the Divine Mother. Love is flowing. I am the flow of Love. And I am the Silence, the stillness. Soften into the Silence. I love you. You are coming home. You are coming home to rest, to be still. Your subtle perceptions are awakening. Trust. I am here. You are finding me.

I love you. I know you. Get to know Silence as a friend, as a comfort, as a support, as a home. You are here to learn from Silence. All knowledge, information, wisdom is present in Silence. And as you get to know it intimately, you have access to whatever you need, want, whatever is necessary at every moment of your life. Keep softening into it, flowing into it.

Flow into the Silence, and when you need an answer — flow in, intending to get the answer. Bring the question into the Silence. It is a new skill you are developing. It is an intention.

There is one power and one Presence in the universe, and you are One with that power and Presence. I am teaching you how to enter it and retrieve the gifts. It is a delicate process at first, and then it becomes normal. This is what I want you to learn, so I am continuously reminding you to soften, to flow, to heal blockages, to trust, and to then receive the fruits of your trust. I love you.

All Knowledge Is Present In Silence
From: Ascension Knowledge Meeting
May 1, 2022