I am Divine Mother. There is an element of free will that is always present when you take a human life. It is important to allow your free will to accept your Divinity.

I am here asking you to accept that you are a Divine Being, made in the image of God. And I am asking you to accept it in every cell of your physical body. This is what I am asking, and this is what is happening. You are learning to stop holding back. You are learning to recognize the Truth.

At first, you may recognize the Truth with your intellect and say, “Yes, that sounds right. Philosophers and enlightened beings have said that.” That is one level of recognition, but it’s not enough. The full recognition has to come through experiencing it and then believing your experience.

Many people have had awakened experiences and then dismissed them as only temporary or only a glimpse. Don’t back away from it. If you’ve had it once, you have it, and you can grow it. If you haven’t had it, I’m giving it to you now – not just the knowledge. That can become dry or rigid dogma, as so many religions have demonstrated.

I’m giving you the experience so that you cannot ignore ever again that you are Infinite and Whole, wise and One with God. It’s a nice phrase, “made in the image of God,” but it is also a living Truth.

You and I are training your body, mind, energy field, and vibrational fields to accept it on every multidimensional level of your existence, so that it is undeniable.

To deny it is a joke, a silly practical joke. Practical jokes can be harmful, and this one has been harmful. It has convinced an enlightened people to deny their Divine heritage. I’m putting an end to this.

We have Healing Tools that work, that change your vibration. There is some skill in learning to use them. The skill expands with practice. We will continue until the experience is so real that it can never ever be doubted again.

Love is my nature. I love you. I love you unconditionally.

Truth purifies. It purifies out the untruth. When you speak Truth, all the energies that are trying to compromise the Truth — they break, they transmute into light. We shatter them into billions of points of light, and then those points of light can reconstitute into a vibration that carries the Divine Truth – the Truth that you and I are One. And in our Oneness, great joy can occur, great peace.

Experience Your Divinity
“Feast of Light”
June 15, 2021